Faisal Akbari

iHomeExpress Agent

  • Service Areas: Istanbul / Turkey
  • Specialties: Real Estate marketer , Real Estate development

About Faisal Akbari

Faisal Akbari is Originally from  Afghanistan , He is a tallent Afghan enterprenure who has been granted Russian scholarship to learn Russian language and Global trade. After graduating from school, he was an active member of the Afghan Youth Union for one year while he was the founder of the  Bright international educational & consulting services.

He is holding sufficient bussiness knwoledge on business communications and global marketting. His knowledge and experiences has been provided him a valuable skills that can handle issues easily and confidentily. he is a good negotiator and hard worker. He has a three years work background in real estate marketing in Turkey while he is holding a good knowlege of regions and bussiness cultures in the area.

Language: Russian,  English,  Turkish, persion

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