Turkey is an emerging market and it has transformed to a Business Hub in the region.

The property market in Turkey has huge potential of offering lucrative benefits to investors. However, you need to understand market trends and identify the right projects to invest in.

Our clients can utilize our 10 years of experience and be confident while making their decisions on the best available options for any project that they intend to consider investing in.

Backed up by a professional team supported with academic knowledge, practical experience and know-how of the real estate sector, iHome Express  provides various integrated consultancy services pertaining to property development.

The scope of such services enables our clients to adopt a well-structured and researched approach to maximize revenues, while planning for a real estate investment at the initial stages of feasibility studies, our services cover:

  • Market Analysis.
  • Strategy Analysis.
  • Special Projects.
  • Pre-Development Consultancy
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis.
  • Financial Analysis & Modeling.
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis.
  • Reuse & Redevelopment Analysis.
  • Transaction Due Diligence.
  • At iHome Express , we believe in using transparency and providing realistic expectations to our clients.

Why you should hire a property consultant?

A Real Estate transaction will likely be one of the largest and most important purchases of your life, which is why hiring a real estate advisor and consultant is highly advisable.

Whether you are buying, selling, renting or conducting any other form of a real estate transaction, our consultancy division can help make your transaction successful.

Real estate transactions can be complicated and time consuming, however with our knowledge and expertise in the field, we make the experience nearly effortless for you, by taking over the legal framework and helping you navigate through your transaction in a satisfactory and efficient manner.

At iHome Express, we review all real estate documents for accuracy and your protection.

iHomeExpress offers comprehensive property sales and marketing services for developers.

We have an extended team of property consultants that include some of the best in the industry.

iHomeExpress  have an expert team to develop a creative marketing strategy that delivers best and updated real estate offers to our clients and investors who are always keen on investing in off-plan properties.

Property Marketing is iHomeExpress ‘s core focus and we believe in the importance of timing with regards to marketing whether it is a ready property or an off-plan project.


Our standards in choosing the projects we market for

After the great opening in the Turkish real estate market, giving foreigners the right to own real estate in Turkey and mostly the large turnout of Arab, Iran Afghanistan and many other nationalities in particular, of many construction companies developed run toward the implementation of many projects, which led to a a huge increase in supply.

At iHomeExpress , we conduct a pre-study before making the decision to market for one of the projects and rely on the followings:

  • The strength of the developer company and its previous achievements and commitment to delivery dates.
  • Governmental guarantee for the project.
  • Project location and proximity to transportations.
  • Project amenities.
  • Appropriate and competitive prices.
  • Finishing quality.

iHome Express offers a wide range of services to meet all the requirements of real estate investors in the Turkish market in efficient and accurate way through a dedicated and specialized team. We provide all our services on the basis of scientific research and preliminary feasibility studies to assess real estate developer starting from research and evaluation, financial intermediation, implementation, portfolio and project management and marketing until the completion and delivering the units. At iHome Express , we always offer the best opportunities for real estate developers from our experience in the Turkish real estate market to include: Provide accurate analysis about the real estate market in Turkey and considering the most growing areas with the highest investment potential. Search for the best investment opportunities for the distinctive land to establish real estate projects. Provide detailed feasibility studies for real estate and taking into consideration achieving the highest return on investment for our real estate developing partners. Providing the best reliable real estate developers companies in Turkey to carry out the construction work at the highest quality levels. Marketing the projects from our experience in real estate marketing and the extensive client base we own.

It is very important for every property owner to keep the property well maintained at every time to avoid any long-term major cost that can arise due to negligence of preventive maintenance.

A well-maintained property will uphold a property’s value for years. Taking care of periodic maintenance of your property will also ensure maximum return on your investment in terms of rentals. A well-presented property can be rented or re-sold quickly to enjoy maximum tenancy.


iHome Express  have years of experience, dedication, commitment and a passion for providing outstanding customer service while keeping on priority client’s interests and requirements.

We have a dedicated team of property supervision professionals with complete knowledge, local and International experience in providing state of the art services. 


Prestige Istanbul Real Estate provides comprehensive and integrated property management services, with hands on approach to the followings:

  • Leasing.
  • Rent collection.
  • Insurance advice.
  • Periodic Reports.
  • Helping in furnishing the property.
  • Cleaning service before move in.
  • Marketing and resell the property.

Our expert agents and layers will support you on all steps of your investment in Turkey. 

Simply we always stand with our customers desires and benifits. as long as we are the market leader in sourcing properties in Turkey and our longstanding relationship with developers , we do our best to find the best option for your desire and investment idea. 

Once you have invested with us , Our exper layers will support you in all stage of your cetizenship process. 

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