Azerbaijan Marriage History

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When you enter an Azerbaijani bride, you notice that the tables are now full of food. Traditional fare includes shish kebab and dolma (vegetables or meat wrapped in vine foliage), as well as rice, meat, chicken, seafood, salads, and shellfish. There are also numerous infinite breads, liquids, coffee, liquid, and wines. The twirling is enjoyable and the audio is quiet.

A festival known as “paltarkesdi” is held a few days before the big time. The princess’s mommy visits the couple’s house with close female friends during this time. She talks to the bride’s relatives about her brother and his persona. If the kids decide to marry the bride, they will do so. The bride may then move into her new home and the bride’s parents may therefore give the dowry to her sibling.

A festival known as “uzechikhdi” is held three days later. The bride’s closest sexual relatives visit her novel home to give her offers during this time. The princess’s mom prepares dinner for anyone afterward. This welcomes the wedding to her innovative life and makes her akin to her husband’s extended community.

The couple’s guests are expected to purchase items to help them azerbaijan girls dating begin their new life together. These are comparable to the “honeymoon” registryies you might find in the Us. It is a fantastic way to show the brides you care and support them. It is a stunning and significant history in terms of culture.

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